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10 ways to achieve your goals

So you find your goal. And you are sure that this is what you want to achieve. There is no confusion in your mind for your purpose. If you have confusion, your mind will not let you succeed due to the dilemma. You have to give clarity to your mind.

You may have set the timeline for achieving it. You may divide it into small parts. You told yourself and others that this is your goal and you will going to achieve it. But now you are unable to go ahead towards your goals. Let’s discuss how you can keep yourself towards the right track and accomplish it.

10 ways to achieve your goals

Make some notes and try to read your notes daily. Because this also a way of keeping yourself on track. You may give 15 min to one thing every day that hold you on track.

  1. Improve your habit of execution

    If you plan well and unable to execute, then you can try two things. First, improve the habit of execution with small activities. Like if you plan to walk for 10 min then walk for 10 min. Do not walk for 5 min. However, you lack in the execution of big tasks but first try to implement small ones. If still, you are unable to execute, it means you are good at planning. It may be possible, while execution, you can easily plan. So don’t plan much start implementing things.

  2. Recognise where you are and who is above you and who is below you.

    If you recognise well you can learn from those who are above you and you can empower those who are below you. In this way you will become the part of ecosystem and the ecosystem it self push to achieve things in your life.

  3. Make it your first thing in the morning.

    If possible put efforts during the earliest hours of the morning. You may laugh but you can try to devote 1 hour to it without even taking bath. Because later your mind will be filled with thoughts and my friends thoughts sometimes create traffic. And traffic many of times not allow you to reach your goals.

  4. Never give gap of more than 24 hours.

    Gap is a power tool for achieving any goal. Gap allow you to think creatively sometimes. But Gap can make your life hell as well. How you ask. Have you ever remembered anything you fixed you will do like painting, you tried and you find another task and you did that task and you did not touched that earlier thing that you decided to do and after 1 month you think oh i want to do that thing. It is life it happens.

  5. Saying no to other things

    You may have a lot of money, more then anyone else but you will have equal time. You can buy others time. And the time you decided for your goal is the time you sold. Anything you sold, you cannot give to anyone else.

  6. Don’t Criticise Yourself, Guide Yourself

    A day you missed you start blaming other or yourself because you know you should take care of responsiblity of things. But take care you do not eat your power. You might seen a image of snake eating himself from his tail. When you criticise yourself you do the same thing.

  7. While writing use a paper

    Our habit of using digital things for everything increased with a high speed but we are unable to evolve as digital things upgraded themself. The time we use mobile, sometimes you see you came there to do soemthing and after just opening it you are doing something else. Welcome the world of notification. Try a copy or paper. Now you need to balance it. You cannot just ignore digital things, you need to use them when you need not when you just want to use them.

  8. Measure & Self Check – Are you really moving forward

    If you are putting time and if you are not moving in the right direction, it may possible you are going far from your goal. So before its too late we need to self check. It is like you want to buy biscuits, you are in front of shop and now you are buying chips. So you need to check your action.

  9. Discuss with people & Use your own filter

    Sometime no matter how much we see ourselves in mirror we are so positive that we see ourselves cool. Understand their are people who spend their life for things that not helping them achieving the target. Sometime you need to realise you may be not good at planning. Execution is important but if you have not planned well, you end up reaching nowhere. So discuss with people who have same experience if possible note everything and use your filter, just don’t follow everything. It may possible you are not good at planning it does not mean you don’t know anything. You are reading it till now it means you have something in your that is correct. So before following the person use your own filters of thought and values. If you evaluated that the person guiding right follow what he guided but do not follow him. there is difference between following what people say and following whatever they say.

  10. Be happy & Grateful to your body parts, the universe & Nature

    Think we are animal for a while and what matters is survival. You see dogs, cats they keep trying for the survival. And still happiness is what common in them. Our body parts helped us too much to achieve many things but something if we are unable to catch should not make a reason of criticism to our body and our soul. They helped you till now they deserve care and the universe is full of relationship and natural resources all is for you. You should be happy for what you have and keep in love with the process that helping you in whatever you want to achieve.

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