If you want to play video from any specific time you want, you have to just proceed with 1 step.
This works best if you are watching long videos, such as movies and lectures. And you want to continue from a point where you stopped before, so you just need to remember the time and then YouTube will make it easy for you.

So just follow this simple step-

Just add #t= at the end of the video URL, then type the required minute you want with an
m”  followed by the second with an “s”.

For example, you want to start video from 1min: 30 seconds. Just type #t=01m30s or #t=90s or #t=1.5m.

Comment and share your views and stay updated to get the latest Youtube Knowledge.

How to make your YouTube act like drunk?

Isn’t this question looks crazy.

Yes, its answer is even more enthusiastic.

This is a very unknown and unusual trick that makes YouTube page act like, it had been drunk.

So let’s proceed the procedure-

It’s quite simple, you just have to search “use the force luke” in the search panel of YouTube.

And then just see the magic. You will see the totally different behavior of your YouTube.

So, hurry up and amaze your friends with this unbelievable trick.

I am even sharing a screenshot, which will make easy for you to understand the trick.

How to use YouTube only using keyboard?

  • If you want to use only keyboard to get rid of mouse. This is very simple, just you have do the following-

-You have to just add ‘/leanback’ at the end of the URL on the homepage of YouTube.

Then a new page will appear, that is YouTube TV where you could select and play videos using your keyboard.

I am sharing a screenshot below, which will make you more clear and informative about the procedure.

website Url


We all like to adopt shortcuts in our life, so why not in you tube.

Following are some shortcuts that will definitely help you and make your experience smooth with YouTube.

– To view video in full screen mode, press F.

– Press K to pause the video.

– Press J & L to skip 10 seconds backward and forward respectively.

– To mute, press M.

– To toggle captions, press C.

– To increase the playback speed, press “Shift + > key” and “shift + < key” to decrease speed.

– To change the background of the subtitles, just press B.


How to make your YouTube colorful?

Everyone is attracted by the colorful things, so if I argue that you could even make your YouTube color full without doing much efforts, isn’t it interesting.

Yes, it is. So be ready to give a new look to your YouTube display.

You just have to type “doge meme” in search panel in YouTube and then click on search icon.

You will be amazed to see the transformation on the YouTube page.

See the sample below.

YouTube colorful Pic


10 Things You Need to do before Starting YouTube Channel

10 Things You Need to do before Starting a YouTube Channel

Discussing 10 Things You Need to do before Starting a YouTube Channel. So you saw someone on youtube and you are just thinking about to make a youtube channel. And you find this blog post. Hmm… The surprise is over. It is not only excitement and the awesome idea will help you. It about has you made a long-term strategy. Yes, one way is to make different channels, uploading different content and then waiting what works or what not. But why to waste time and energy when you can plan and save your precious time and views. Here you go:

1. Think about why you want to start youtube channel

Now you will be thinking, I know someone who did not even thought about going viral and her or his video got viral another day. Then why should I think I just need to upload anything what I think is good. No, it is not so.

Once you think about why you want to start youtube channel you will find these reason.

  • Doing it for money
  • You want fame
  • Need more followers
  • You having something to sell and willing to increase your sale
  • Your plan is to influence people in your country or the world
  • You want change in society or you want to empower someone
  • You just want to try, everyone is doing it…
  • Youtube is a good place to upload content and some of you just want to use it as storage and who knows one of your content go viral … kidding.

Once you find out why you want to start your channel. You will be having a clear vision in your mind about the outcome. For example, if you want to a change you may be talking about a sensitive topic but if you want to earn money do not think about it. Because just think why coca cola wants to sponsor your content. After uploading such content you will see this. Your content is not eligible for monetisation because it is not advertiser-friendly.

2. Create at least 5 Videos before even uploading, if possible

Now you will be saying why it is even necessary. here is the reason:

See 90% of our client upload nearly 5 videos a month and just think if you are going to make these kinds of videos all of the coming months then you should be knowing that do you really like to make these video or not.

30% of our clients stopped creating more video in the 1st month, just because while they were thinking about making content and uploading it was looking cool. But here is the problem. You think you love math and you will love to teach it too. But sorry it is not necessary. We are human, right. So We should not waste time in uploading content and then stopping to upload more content as it is frustrating. So try to make at least 5 Videos before even uploading. Although we know it is tough in some cases but it is really good advice to you if you can follow.

3. Search Existing Channel having same characteristics

We can tell you

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.
– Paulo Coelho

But we are telling you

Smart people learn from their mistakes. But Geniuses learn from the mistakes of others. – Unknown

If you really want to save your time energy and money than you should at least try and see minimum 5 different YouTubers’ content and most important read comment they are receiving. Try to recognize what audience is looking for, that even the existing Youtuber are unable to give.

4. Choose Correct Brand Youtube Channel Name

You will be having a problem in future if you give just another name to your youtube channel. For example, if you want to teach mathematics and you are using “Maths Classes” as channel name by thinking its a common word that people will be searching for but the problem is if you really want to see a good result in future make a unique brand name. This will help you in earning from this youtube channel in many different ways. Just think it is so much simple and general name that you will find many institutes and even registered websites are already ranking in google with these kinds of words. You will not even able to take Custom Url to your youtube channel with these simple phrase.

6. Use little Supporting Branding Tricks

It is not mandatory but it will be awesome if you can make branding for your channel. It is too much easy but people forget. let say you are starting a channel name of “techrj” you are even unable to read it now read it TechRJ. Just like that there are small things that matter for example like claim your facebook, twitter and other social media handles or custom URL.

5. Are you planning to use Inappropriate Language

You may be making a Gaming channel and thinking about using some good slang or bad words to make your video more funny and enjoyable. You may even be thinking about using alcohol or something to show your channel more cool or different but the problem is, it is also not regarded as Advertiser friendly. So think twice before doing it. And I think you should be knowing one more thing many advertisers do not like gaming channel and specially exclude while making an ad campaign.

6. Try to Be Confident & Enjoy it

See why youtube is too much popular it is not about people are able to earn from it. It is about loving what you are doing and sharing with rest of the world. If you do not like what you are doing then in future you will be thinking about closing your youtube channel. And the reason is when you have subscribers, they demand more content. You should be knowing it in advance that you need to upload more video and the demand will come directly in your mail from the comment section of Youtube channel. If you are making a how-to video, then you should be confident enough to tell them this will surely work, right.

7. Make a Script / Notes

It is important, try to make a script for a video. The time you make a script you always have full control over your video and you will have full confidence in what you will going to speak. You may be thinking that it will not be realistic then you must use notes otherwise you will see too many cuts in your video. Editing takes time buddies and results are not even cool sometimes. We hope you don’t want to record again after finding bad video editing results.

8. Try to improve Soft skills

Yes, Softskills are required just for example if we talk about your voice recording in your video then priority is you must be using software like audacity and if you don’t then you must try to record in a silent place. You might be thinking a park is a good option for recording but hello, air is a sound for your microphone. Most of the microphone are air sensitive unless you have some kind of wind filter addon for your microphone.

9. Do understand it, It will take time

It is easy to make a video and share with friends but if you are thinking about going viral by just sharing videos with your friends in Whatsapp or Facebook then you are wrong my friend. If it is so easy then everyone will be a star on youtube. And the Important thing is youtube keep changing its policy. Money and Fame both take time on youtube but it will come for sure.

10. Ready for something bad, Youtube Keep Changing its policy

Youtube has a keep changing attitude without giving a good time for making a required arrangement. Even they made really big changes in this month in Monetization Policy. So if you are thinking about youtube is the only thing for your survival then you are wrong. So do not try bad tricks like subscribe my channel I will subscribe yours.


The list will never end so All the best for your ride.

Yeah, there are too many things like you must make a Brand Channel rather than a user channel. The difference is in the brand channel, you will have right to add anyone as manager and some other benefits are there.

Things that you must be known will be listed here on our blog, we keep adding new things. So do subscribe the mailing list. Do not forget to comment on this post, if you have something to say or you want to mail your youtube channel URL with contact details for further discussion. We will see what you did and discuss with you accordingly.

We know why you want to unsubscribe only youtube comment mail notification because you receive too many comment reply notifications from youtube as you do too many comments on youtube videos.

Here is the easy way to unsubscribe these comment notification over mail.

Step 1: Search Comment Notification with word “[email protected]

You will find this kind of mail.

Unsubscribe Comment Youtube

Step 2: Below in the mail, you will find unsubscribe in blue colour as you can see in this image. Click on that unsubscribe hyperlink. The good thing is it will only stop comment notification.

Step 3: Click on turn off as given in the image below for unsubscribing comment notification.

Video Comment Notification

Cool, you are unsubscribed now from irritating emails.

What if you want on it. Like you find you are missing those daily emails.

Step: 1 Go to Youtube Account Notification setting.

Step: 2 There you will see Push only you need to click on it and choose Push and Email

Youtube Account Notification

It will automatically save, no need to worry. You will receive mail when someone replies to your comment.


4000 Hours watch time & 1000 Subscriber Youtube

So, you received mail regarding 4000 Hours watch time & 1000 Subscriber Youtube Requirement. Some of our youtube clients also received it. But the good thing was, we already told them about youtube has a keep changing attitude without giving a good time to make arrangements. They have given 30 days for making things right but which is less for those who were not serious while uploading content. While we are not against this change. This change will stop an unwanted problem that comes when ads get placed on unethical video content.

What are the changes in YouTube Partner Program (YPP)?
For being eligible for monetization of your youtube content. You must satisfy two conditions:

-Minumum 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months &
-1,000 subscribers

One more thing to note Youtube had added one more requirement

What if you have 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months, is your channel eligible?
No, both condition needs to be satisfied.

How much time do you have for satisfying these condition?
30 Days.

What if your channel does not meet the said requirement within 30 days of Notice?
Then your channel will not be eligible for monetisation. In two words No Earning through your youtube channel. We always told our clients “Kindly do not think youtube channel as your primary income” It is an excellent platform for the content creator like to showcase their work. Yeah, you can earn, but that is the second good thing not primary.

What is the reason for the change in YouTube Partner Program (YPP)?
To protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem
To tackle the day to day abuse by small channels.

Will youtube stop people to make New channels?
Their goal is to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible. So no they do not want to stop people from making a new channel.

What is YouTube Partner Program?
YPP allows video creators to monetise their content on YouTube.

Want to know more about this mail, you may visit Additional Changes to the YPP to Better Protect Creators.