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Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

Neither one can deny its existence with fact,

Nor one can see it in reality,

It is a state of soul that is in equilibrium,

Neither God is a body that you can touch,

Nor God is a brain that can be tested in the lab,

God is an experience that can be realized in the journey of life,

Neither God help someone,

Nor God stop someone,

God is like time and witness of each action,

Neither God can say anything,

Nor God can be silent,

Its action can be felt in the process, but it is not the result,

Neither God is a guru who answers,

Nor it is a student who asks questions,

It is the discussion between both,

Neither God save anyone,

Nor God put someone to death,

It is the balance in life itself,

Neither it feel extreme happiness,

Nor it feel deep sadness,

It is infinite silence,

Neither one can prove its existence with facts,

Nor one can reject its existence without debate,

It can be discussed with an example, but it cannot be proved with examples,

Assume you are in front of a Cooler,

What you may feel is cold air,

Now you can see is cooler,

Now you want someone to show God as you can see cooler,

But the problem comes when you listen, God is not like the cooler,

Existence of God may be felt like Existence of Cool Air,

But neither one can prove as like we can see cooler,

Nor we can prove it as cold air as we can still prove cold air to some extent,

It is not that come under the scope of an example,

Again It can be discussed with an example, but it cannot be proved with examples,

Neither one can feel it in total rejection of the existence of it,

Nor one can feel it in unconditional acceptance of the existence of it,

It is an infinite difference of experiences between both the belief,

Where is God?

Neither it is in physical fact,

Nor it is in emotional faith,

It is in the balance of practising wellbeing,

Neither one can find in deep space,

Nor one can find it in the deep womb of earth,

It is a state of soul that is in equilibrium inside everyone, inside everything.

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