Hosted IVR Services Provider in Delhi NCR, India – Cloud IVR

Hosted IVR Service Provider in Delhi NCR, India.

Easy to Upgrade Plans, Full Control Online, Cloud Based Voice Application

Best for FMCG, Healthcare, Call Center, ISPs, Government Organisations, Auto, Banking, Educational & Tech Companies.

Hosted IVR Service Provider

What is Hosted IVR?

If you want to work from home and you have a team of people who used to dial your customer. It is very important that you should have Hosted IVR Solution. Now, what is Hosted IVR? Hosted IVR is a cloud-based solution for automating the calling process and in simple words, it saves your cost of hiring a receptionist for the filtration of raw calls. You have both the option you may choose to proceed with the services with your existing number as well or you may take an 1800 series number from us.

Full Control on Hosted IVR

  • 365 Days 24 Hour Support Call / Chat / Mail
  • View Call Reports with Privacy Protection
  • Whitelist Number, Call Recoding Option Available
  • Pre Recorded greetings,

Why you need a Hosted IVR – Benefits

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – As you can redirect to those who can help him in just 15 seconds.

  • Reduce Call Abandonment – As you can have someone talking to your customer with Announcing estimated wait time or Offering virtual queuing, you can give them a valid reason to stay connected.

  • No Capital Expenditure – You will save amount in term of accounting as well.