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How can you improve patience?

Most of the ads we see use words like “Get instantly” even if they are not giving instant results. They know what their target audience is searching. So let’s discuss how can you improve patience cause we want to save our money. However, you may want to enhance your patience for several reasons like you want to increase the level of tolerance when anger is on your tongue. You may want to face bad memories, achieve things in life and suffer the worst things for an extended period.

Hmm. But quite strange even while reading this blog post, you want the answer quickly. You want bullet points, heading. Many of you might not be able to read a complete para. This world is of videos. It is not your mistake. Technology improves at such a pace that many of us can adopt, but we are unable to stop and program our mind before using technology. Yes, it is crucial to program our mind so it can handle artificial intelligence. So let’s create a base for learning patience and program our mind.

Acknowledge: You will need to understand that you have to devote time & practise patience. Quite strange. Patience in some way doing nothing and staying calm. But what is different. The circumstances are little challenging, abrupt or out of your comfort zone. You may lose control, but you need to put things in order. But why is it so because things happen suddenly and that guide us we need to practice it.

Example – Suppose you are driving, you want to check the direction and the internet connection is not working well, and at that time we forget our song of patience that we sang for a long time while meditating. Therefore you need to practice patience so much that it will become your habit.

Activities: Willingly try to get things late. Order at amazon without using prime membership. And why will you do so? Because nowadays we want to buy and we want to get everything instantly. So your patience is decreasing day by day. Here I am not saying this is wrong. I am guiding how you can use it to program your mind for building patience.

Do activities that need great patience.

Example: Gardening is an excellent way to build patience. But why is it so? Because it takes time. A father can ping several times to his kids for good grades. But if he gets involved in gardening, he will realise that he cannot ping seeds to grow faster. And even if he is the owner of the plant, he may ping it, the plant is calm, and it will grow at his own pace.

So want to build patience then try to plant a tree. Because we want to eat mango as the thought comes to our mind. And some of us don’t even want to wait to eat; they directly want to drink the juice. We do not even think about what if we had planted a tree. It is just impossible to believe for some people. But it is an excellent practice for realising that we cannot speed things up just as we want.

If you get any work from clients, then build a habit of asking the required time for the task. If you are studying, guide your parents that you may take some time to understand the subject. But why it will help you build patience. People around us always have expectations for something. And it is more than that people also have expectations about how much time we will take to complete something.

When things do not work as we want, we get impatient and act differently. It is like we are not the same person we react not in a controlled way.

If you have a goal, try to make long term plans like one year, five year & ten years. It seems easy when you say I planned to do this or that in your mind, but it is a challenging task for people when they describe it correctly on paper with some great insights. And the smaller version of this activity is to write a job description like if you want to hire someone. But many people don’t make it. And even in the past, I see myself not writing a complete job description. Later I realised the importance of a proper framework in everything.

Ask questions from yourself. Write on paper. Try to resolve the problems. Like what I want in my life. You may say I want to be happy, free from what is holding me back. I want to be calmer and less concerned about worldly things. Some things are necessary for existence. But we need to clarify our needs and wants.

Don’t do things in autopilot mode. Like when we are unable to tolerate, we say whatever comes into our mind without understanding the other’s perspective. We do this many times like while deciding what to eat or watch. We open YouTube and watch anything that is there when we open.

Try to deliver and record an impromptu speaking. It is about speaking on a topic without any preparation. And it helps because whenever you talk on an issue without planning, you don’t just say anything. You feel every word while saying. So in this way you practice how to respond to situations. You will be able to control yourself before behaving abruptly. And if you record that, then you will watch yourself later, and this will give you a clear idea that your words must have meaning while you speak. You are a student and a teacher for yourself.

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