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How to be mentally strong & confident

If we want to be mentally strong and confident,

First, we need to accept the situation,

Don’t ask why with me,

Ask what I should do now,

Don’t criticise anyone, not even yourself,

Gratitude is your attitude now,

Show gratitude for everything including for yourself,

Be Happy, Stay Calm

A bad situation is here to strengthen you,

It helped you to evolve in the past,

It will help you to evolve today.

Take Charge of your mind,

Say thanks to adverse situations,

Due to them, you want to have control,

Now take responsibility,

And absorb the power from your actions.

Need to work for the required duration,

You create desire, and you judge you cannot achieve,

You create a dilemma, so you cannot create reality,

Just define your goal,

Be committed to maintaining consistency,

Now if you face problems, what matters is your efforts,

If you put efforts, first be happy and thankful to the resources,

Now maintain consistency,

Once you maintain it, you will find your emotions are healthy,

your mind is organised,

Your thoughts are focused,

Now you are mentally strong and confident

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