Contentment in Life Path to Self Realization

How to feel satisfied with what you have?

How to feel satisfied with what you have?
Searching for what you like,
Ignoring things that you should take care of,
Waiting for others approval,
But why you are not satisfied depends on you,
Your soul is satisfied but your mind doesn’t want to.

For contentment in life, you keep looking for a state of happiness and satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with asking this question. But it is always good to understand & define it better. As it will help you get rid of distraction. Let’s understand different aspects of it.

Have Faith in the resources you have 

Satisfaction can also come with the possibility of having something. You will be happy with the feeling that you are going to achieve things. But make sure you try to pursue your goal happily with what you have. As we see many ads which tell us that we lack something. So, we need to decide what resources we have is enough to achieve our goal. Though we can always plan to have better resources side by side, you need to keep your focus on the purpose and try to achieve with what you have.

Satisfaction defined by your Mind, Soul & Body differently

You can feel satisfied with what you have when you explain what satisfy you. The Mind wants to take care of himself and the body. So Mind looks for comfort and defines happiness differently. While Soul is eagerly waiting to achieve the purpose and defines satisfaction differently. Now you need to determine what satisfy you with balance of Soul, Mind and Body. 

Find satisfaction that comes from inside

Sometimes we think satisfaction will come form outside. But it comes from inside. Like I am happy that i did my best.

Wake up with a determination that I have everything that I want in my life. However, we are not stopping ourself to work for more. It is just like we want to satisfy our needs first and then our wants.

Acknowledge: if I work hard or work full of my capacity then I feel pleasure because I did my best. 

Focus on one type of satisfaction at a time and then balance

There are different type of satisfaction. Like at the personal, economic, social level, you can segregate them. And balance them all. It will give more clarity to your Mind.


When you think of finance, you may have a goal that you are working for, but at the same time, you also want to spend time with your family. You need decide and balance. What happens if you don’t define. Mind will keep remind. And you will be disatisfied with yourself. Defining things are that much important.

Satisfaction can come from sharing, as well. You may feel happy to thank those who are helping you achieve things. Great people can be satisfied with the failure. As they live a meaningful life and feel happy for their efforts.

Always you don’t need to be looking for people approval. You can satisfy yourself with your efforts. Your success cannot be measured by others what others measuring is a success is with the expectation that they had.

Create something with your self also give you the satisfaction I am sure you want to have something

Assume you want to eat pizza you could order pizza, but you decided to make Maggi. You felt satisfied with what you had created. Later you made Maggi again. This time much better. You feel more satisfied. One can be happy with the creation and making things better.

Working for Success Vs Working for Satisfaction

Some people work for success, and some people work for satisfaction now what is the difference. Those who work for success, there are more chances, they are only looking for the best results but those who are working for the satisfaction for creating and making things better they are in love of the process and refining system.

Psychological need Satisfaction and Frustration

We understand our pshychological need of satisfaction till now but there is stage of frustration when we pursue our goal. We should try that while trying for satisfaction, we should not feel low and take care to overcome frustration. In the morning, you should try to feel happy for what you have. Show gratitude to everything in the universe. When you sleep show gratitude to yourself that you are satisfied with the effort of Mind, soul and your body as it helped you so much.

Satisfaction Vs Peace

Peace is a thought that you are already satisfied.

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