Improve Life Overcome Distraction

How to get rid of distractions?

How to get rid of distractions?

I am unable to focus on my goal.

Do you think your phone is the reason for distractions?

But you already know, you can stop all notifications.

Chances you don’t take action for getting rid of distraction.

Double-check if you already have a solution and you are unable to apply.

Whatever you ask to your Mind, the Mind can focus on it. Your Mind can works as you order to play music by saying Ok Google. As you request to any machine intelligence by saying Ok Google, say Ok my Mind do this. 


Recognise where you want to focus. And try this example.

Try to think of tomato once. Oh great, you can think of it.

Try to think of potato once, oh great you are easily able to bring your awareness to it again.

Now think again you allowed me to take your focus,

So I was able to show what I want.

Now you can do it for yourself.

It is easy if you do it, it is impossible if you don’t.

Now tell yourself you want to focus on X,

Anything you want to focus just like that You will say.

Try to think of X, Oh great again you can think of X,

If not, close your eyes try it again. Like you say to Google, Ok Google. Your Mind works the same way, but the programmer needs to do correct programming. Keep reading. You will learn how to program your Mind.

Distraction is a fruit and the result, find the roots of this dangerous tree. 

Double Check. Your Mind tells a problem to your soul. It may happen in past days. But our soul does not decide or not guide our Mind what to do with those problems. So, Mind keeps reminding the same thing again & again to soul. 

The Mind is doing its job correctly, but the soul is not working correctly. The result is dilemma which if not answered, hurts the focus and peace of Mind.

Distraction is a flow of energy without control of the right direction. Example

When the inverter shows less battery, we let it charge for a while. When we feel pain in our stomach, we stop our work for a time and try to get rid of it by lying down or by taking other precautionary measures.

What’s the point – But we ignore the pain in our eyes and brain. Our Mind needs a planned hourly two-minute break. For controlling thoughts, we need to stop thoughts and eyes need to be closed. Today you should practice meditation.


Your ability to control your thoughts & ability to live in the movement will increase.

Distraction increases when you do not control things.

Like you planned in the night, 

I will wake up early, 

But you wake up before the alarm,

You said, Let’s sleep till the alarm,

You sleep for a while,

Now alarm rings,

Your mind changes,

Everything is more comfortable. You choose to snooze alarm.

Now you look back you did 80% of the time. And Wrong choices in you always won in past because you allowed your right decisions to fail. So you are habitual of failure. This attitude does not bother you much. Yes, you feel bad. But you are not determinant to get rid of it. You are in pain with the wrong results, but you never took small doss of positive choices. So what you understand with this example. We practice activities that increase distraction the whole day, but we don’t practice the right decisions that can increase focus.

Solution: Write a Song for yourself

We listen to songs to motivate or relax our Mind,

But don’t you think you need self-written song that correctly works for you.

Song, you can write that solve your problems.

So when you sing, you will remember your promises that you did with yourself.

A song in which you guide yourself with your vision.

So whenever you sing it, you remember your promises,

A promise to be focused, Happy & Keep Going ahead.

Today whenever you find the time, write your song only for you.

You build distraction, you can develop focus as well.

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