Overcome Depression Overcome Stress

How to get rid of psychological stress?

If you are unaware of what type of Stress you have, Identify the kind of Stress you are facing.

Psychological Solution of Stress,

Starts with finding the cause,

Explain the problem, what and how it bothers you,

Discover the positive thoughts and activities you want to do,

Engage yourself in small activities and recognise what is helping you,

Try to balance your mind, body and soul

Stay away from distraction for a fixed time of the day, 

Prefer morning, bring peace in mind by thanking for what you have,

Thanks to your body for helping you on your goal,

Recognise which gratitude help you better, Practice that daily,

Avoid multitasking for a while,

Try normal pranayam technique for breathing, 

Like Anulom Vilom, Bhramari, Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean Breath),

Recognise which help you better, Practice that daily,

Stress is also an energy which you can control,

You can realise it with normal activities like drawing lines on paper, 

Not saying to draw characters, Draw lines as mind want to,

First, when you try, it may not make any sense, it will make sense later.

Find things that you are doing are wrong,

Check your sleep patterns, 

Rest & Relax for releasing the Stress.

Do you check what you did last seven days,

Is there something which you are trying to do and not finding time,

Double-check have you planned your day,

Create the action plan for your time after the peacetime we discussed earlier,

Does not matter, if you are unable to follow in starting,

Keep trying and Be happy for your efforts,

Check your hobbies, 

Check have you chosen your bad hobbies or due to someone’s influence,

Are you finding ambiguity in your action,

Give more clarity in the action plan that we made earlier,

Give time to yourself for building good habits and get rid of bad ones.

Slowly you will. Keep believing in yourself.

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