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How to give feedback without offending

Words do not have meaning. You need to check your feedback should not sound like criticisim. Frequency also matters. If you will ping someone with good feedback several times that irriates people.

Give feedback without offending – Feel your words

If you want to see transformation in people life then you need to understand their problems. You need to discribe your feedback with an understanding of respect. Yes you need to advice and share as suggestion and never compel anyone to choose your feedback or implement your feedback.

The tight you hold people they will suffocate and run for freedom. And this break the relationship. You need to suggest people with possitive feeling. Give them time for the change.

Some small points that you need to take care while giving feedback. It is applicable to all if you are giving feedback to your boss or employees or friends, you should take care of points given below

  1. Draft your feedback with short and to the point note with positive words

  2. Feel your words and fill your feedback with valid facts. Before sharing think if someone use these words to you how you will feel. It is not about they did mistake. It is about the relationship. Even they are wrong they might think they are right. First you need to share valid facts if you have.

  3. Balance good and bad points

  4. Do not show anger or blame again and again

  5. Be Open Minded. If you share feedback, then chances of receiving feedback in return are more than 50%. So you need to just listen to people. It is not about who is right and wrong everytime it is about making things better step by step.

  6. Try not to put conditions. Sometimes while sharing feedback we give some condition. If you keep doing this i will do this. That is kind of last solution. And in relationship it does not come in starting.

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