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How to set goals? Goal Setting Process

We need to choose the right goal as we must have clarity of our goals while achieving. With simple google, we get the idea that goal should follow SMART Criteria means it must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. But we are discussing more than this.  

Goal Setting Process – How to set goals?

Sometimes you think you have goal but you might don’t have the goal. Because most of the people don’t have goals, they have a desire like you want to have a luxury car & villas. So there is no clarity, that is why you start doing things that excite you, and you do not know where you are going as you have not fixed a place where you want to reach. I am not saying to go with the flow. Doing things what you like is good. But i am saying try to define your goal.

You may ask why you want to accomplish someting. In this way you can reach where you really want to reach.

So it is just like you are asking what you want to eat. And you can say that I want to eat pizza, banna, snacks, dry fruits etc. But now I am saying ask why you want to eat. So if you’re willing to be healthy, you may choose banana.

So what is the relevant question? It is to ask why. It is because your purpose matters it may link with freedom; it may connect with power; it may be linked with your past story where you had recognised the why.

Now you must have key results that give the right measurement which have the chain reaction for achieving it. For example, if you are selling things, then you may have key results as the maximum number of active returning buyers. Because they will judge ok what you are selling have value.

You should align your goal with your values. Values that define how you want to live your life. You may priorities your values and principles but they must be specific and clear.

Your goal should be something that excites you. It is what passionate you. You will be living your goal daily. As you will read your goal daily. Still you should write it on a minimum of five things. These things could be essential or small things that come across to you daily. So it reminds you of your goals. Now you think if you choose a boaring thing life will not be excitng so make sure you choose big target that passionate you.

Fix activities which if you do you come near to your goal. Schedule & Execute these activities in the morning. Review your day in night. Weekly check have you did activities daily. It is not about you can achieve it or not. Or Are you making any improvement in 10 days or not. First, it is just about noting that you are doing and are you putting efforts as you decided then later you will refine the system.

Now you have some clarity, so now you must be a clear about a more critical thing. And that is What are you ready to spend for it? Like you may have to spend 5 years.

It is not the investment that you may buy with money. It is about putting your time into it. It is about your efforts that counts. You father love you and ready to do gym for you but that will not impact your body.

And my suggestion to you is you should first write what earlier goals you had. And why you left them. Are they fit in the above criteria. When and why you changed your goals in the past. Chances you may have many goals. I hope you will priorities your goals very well, and you will have a significant impact as per your values.

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