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How to stay focused?

How to stay focused?

Ambiguity is all around,
Want to reach somewhere, I am bound,

Distractions are holding me tight,
Or I have no direction that is why my kite not flying right,

Irrelevant notifications all around,
Willingness to stay focused is the thought that comes around,

Made a ritual of focusing in the morning,
Now I have time, but I am not taking action,

Eyes see what mind want to show,
Let me do this or that, and that is where most of the time goes,

Do not accept this illusion,
Otherwise, it will become your reality,

Mind says to the soul, Believe me,
I always think of the goal that you told me,

But a boat if standing still and thinking to sail,
May never reach its destination; we must take action.

Taking the first step is the task,
Do consistently in the right direction. Now it is a system,

A watch, if move once, is not working,
Consistently moving forward in the system, is working,

Now understand distractions that you may face, are the same,
What is changed is how you will respond,
If devoted too much time to stop distraction,

The mind will cry to rest,
You may not take the first step which is needed to complete the test,

Questions may come, Write all your questions,
As the mind cannot find all answer at a time,

Try not to control all the distractions,
because for it, you need to make many choices,

To make a choice is also a distraction,
Enter into choiceless awareness,
Now you are free from thoughts,

Freedom from thoughts is the base of focus,
And automatically you will enter into the flow of action,

You are a boat that is floating in a sea,
Now it is on you to feel everything in the sea or to sail and reach where you want to,

It does not matter, you are ready or not,
There will be a fight inside you,

Want to stay focused, Save your energy,
And automatically you will sail,

Meditation is the path to a focused mind,
But you will not reach with only practising meditation,

Meditation is the process;
Breath is the agent,

Fewer thoughts, Save energy,
Stay Focused Automatically.

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