YouTube had launch special features which gives a platform to view 360 degree videos, and could serve a new craze in this modern era.
As the name suggest, (360 degree video), you could record the video in all the directions at the same time by either using omnidirectional camera or by multiple cameras.

(YouTube only provide you the interface to view such kind of videos).

VR stands for Virtual Reality. This feature allows you to watch videos using VR headsets or Google cardboard which makes video looks like real and it also provides a great fun to user and this evens works better with 360degree videos.

YouTube app is designed for all the age groups Including kids and adults. So there are certain contents that may not be served useful and appropriate for kids.
So, YouTube has designed a special app for kids named “YouTube kids” which makes it easier for children as well as parents to find the appropriate content they required.

You could download this app in both Android and IOS for free.

YouTube haven’t mentioned particular age group to use this app but children aged between 3 to 8 years old found it more suitable.

Apart from its advantages, parents should be aware as this is not an ad free app, (ads are necessary to track the age group.)

But you could even flag if you find any inappropriate content in this app.

Many of the new youtubers are facing a lot of problems and have many doubts regarding new policies, unique features, monetization, channel creation and other such topics on YouTube, so they require a source from where they could gain a perfect knowledge to maximize their YouTube success. So YouTube had initiated YouTube Creator’s Academy where users could found different courses and lessons in more than 20 languages which might help to develop their YouTube channel and build a large audience and even this would also help them to increase their technical knowledge and enhance their skills.

Today, GIF have become a new way to represent a matter in a short animation.

And you will be amazed to know that you could even create GIF of any YouTube video.

For this you have to just follow just simple steps-

  • launch YouTube on any Browser
  • Search and play the video that you want to create its GIF.
  • Just add gif before youtube in the URL
  • Then you will be automatically redirected to a new page that is GIF maker, where you could choose the length of the gif of your choice and save it to your required destination.

I am even sharing the screenshot with you which will help you to play the trick.

What is YouTube premium?

We all are forced to watch ads in YouTube.

Sometimes they become very irritating but you don’t have any alternate solution for this problem.

So YouTube has launched a paid service, that is YouTube premium which allows a user to stop advertisement on the videos and can enjoy ad free videos.

This feature is available in limited countries (not in INDIA) but it would shortly launch in INDIA.

This also allows you to download and save videos when you lack internet speed or data.

You could even play the ad free videos or music in the background without any hassle.

Youtube Monetization image

How to monetize YouTube account?

To monetize your account, you just have to follow the following steps-

*Login to your YouTube account

*open settings

*select “enable Monetization ”

*Just agree on the agreement and do follow the given steps.

But you have to create Adsense account (that is free for the users) and to verify account; you need to provide your bank account with a valid mailing address.

Apart from these, YouTube had some following monetization rules-

  • Videos must be viewed for Atleast 4000 hours within the past 12 months
  • Should have at least 1000 subscribers to get your channel monetize.

YouTube Go is an app by YouTube which consists of many features such as smart offline feature that allows you to save the video to offline mode and even share that video using wifi hotspot connection.
It will also be very beneficial for 2g and typical 3g users. They can watch and download (save offline) videos on low internet connection.And this app will even inform you about the size of the video that you are going to watch or download.

This app has been launched in many countries (even in India), aiming to connect more and more people thought the world and made it easy for those  who worry about the internet connection.(slow internet, money used for internet)

How to make YouTube dance for you?

Many of us like to watch dance, and some of us even loves to dance but what if I say YouTube also could dance to entertain you, isn’t it shocking?
You just need to follow some simple steps-

-launch any browser
– Open YouTube
– Just type “do the harlem shake” in the search box and then click on the search icon.
And then just see the magic.
See the screen shot below, this will help you to urderstand this amazing feature.

YouTube dance for you

If you want to play video from any specific time you want, you have to just proceed with 1 step.
This works best if you are watching long videos, such as movies and lectures. And you want to continue from a point where you stopped before, so you just need to remember the time and then YouTube will make it easy for you.

So just follow this simple step-

Just add #t= at the end of the video URL, then type the required minute you want with an
m”  followed by the second with an “s”.

For example, you want to start video from 1min: 30 seconds. Just type #t=01m30s or #t=90s or #t=1.5m.

Comment and share your views and stay updated to get the latest Youtube Knowledge.

How to make your YouTube act like drunk?

Isn’t this question looks crazy.

Yes, its answer is even more enthusiastic.

This is a very unknown and unusual trick that makes YouTube page act like, it had been drunk.

So let’s proceed the procedure-

It’s quite simple, you just have to search “use the force luke” in the search panel of YouTube.

And then just see the magic. You will see the totally different behavior of your YouTube.

So, hurry up and amaze your friends with this unbelievable trick.

I am even sharing a screenshot, which will make easy for you to understand the trick.