Toll Free Number Provider in Delhi

Toll Free Number Provider
Get Online 1800 Number / 1860 Number

We provide Toll Free Number services in India. You can initiate chat for more clarity on any of your query.

Did you know Toll Free Number can be used as Virtual Number. It can hide your local lendline & executives numbers as well.

With toll free you can build and manage a strong customer base. It help you hassle Free operation and give your brand National Presence

Did you know that toll free number can help you get call recordings of your team with better Call Analytics. You can also opt for Voice Broadcasting.

It means your executive can listen the recording before dialing again to the prospects

Did you know that if you are using IVR Services, you can get more than 30% of productivity with the same resources you are using earlier.

Our team is here to guide you, If you want to know anything about how it will work and how it can resolve your problems.

  • Monthly Rental

  • Free call Value

  • Same call rate for Local & STD

  • Transparent reporting on Pulse Duration in seconds

  • IVR Option

  • Easy to change the IVR Audio

  • You can use your own IVR if you want

What will be required from your side

  • Documents like GST Certificate / Certificate of Incoporation

  • Contact details, email & other general details

Monthly Rental
for 1800




Free call Value




Monthly Rental
for 1860




Free call Value





There are other plans as well, Lets arrange a call back. Submit the form or connct us over WhatsApp.


Did we provide 24*7 support on Toll Free Services?

Yes, You will receive full support once you opt for the services.

What is the difference in between 1800 and 1860?

1800 is Toll Free means your customer will not pay for the calls and 1860 is an Universal Access Number (UAN) means it is not a Toll Free number both caller and recipient need to pay proportionally.