Important things in Life Improve Life

What are good habits to improve life

Be happy and let others be happy – Happiness is a thought

Do not expect from anyone – Accept things – Choose your decision

You must have something that you like to do daily

Practice Gratitude – daily you must be grateful for something / someone

Be Humble, Peaceful & Balance your mind, body and thoughts

What are good habits to improve life

Understand you cannot plan your day sometimes, but you can always plan your morning. Chances of achieving task is 99% if you wake up and pursue your plans in the morning.

  1. Sleep on time, Wake up early in the morning with a plan

  2. Write your thoughts in paper

  3. Try to come close to nature

  4. Try normal excercises, start with yoga

  5. Spend time with family, friends, birds, nature, songs you like, content that empower you from inside

  6. Check your opinion and perspective towards things

  7. Balance your time, you have time, you just need to see where you spend it

  8. If you are father and talking to your son, think like your son and if you are son talking to your father think like a father for a while

  9. if you use anything, put things on the right place

  10. Create a habit of finding problems, writing on paper, start with solving only one problem a day

  11. Try to do things on time. Eat on time, sleep on time, take a break for a while and bring that order again

  12. Never criticize yourself, be gental with youself

  13. Carry a smile on your face

  14. Take a task of reading a book and only read just 2 page a day. Strengthen your self control

  15. Stop clicking snooze button. If you need more time seat for a while with open eyes

  16. Secure an emergency funds

  17. Do one thing that you do for earning in compound effect aka passive income

  18. Create a list of your spending – Reconcile Monthly

  19. Try to do one thing at a time till 20 min slowly increase your time

  20. If you have good teath then avoid juice try to eat fruits

  21. Check what you are eating in term of calories and in term of content, what you eat in term of calories will impact your health and later impact your mind and what you eat in term of content will impact your mind and later your health. So check your thoughts.

  22. Daily write 1 good thing about someone

  23. Try to connect with people that you think are your role models, you will save your time and give you better perspective.

  24. If your bad thoughts bothering you, just write it and decide once what you want to do with these thoughts so it will damage the flow. Flow is important.

  25. Plant a small flower, take care of it, See it growing daily

    Balance Your Time with New Habits – Give 15 days time to develop the old one – Follow up

  26. Help your parents in small things that you can do and later in big things

  27. Breath fresh air and try to motivate your parents to do meditation with you

  28. Try to cook yourself you may start with salad, and check how other are making try new dishes slowly

  29. Try to free yourself from any type of gadgets and stop thoughts for 20 min.

  30. Drink water, have a habit of carring a water bottle with you.

  31. If you want to become good artist be ready with your portfolio.

  32. Try to look into people eyes while talking.

  33. Improvise yourself, do not change yourself. Find what is your likes and dislikes. If they are not correct improvise it.

  34. if you see any opportunity, do not just forget the existing plan. If you really want to try the new opportunity fix small time daily so you can evaluate and compare.

    Understand If you see people dancing, slowly you see you want to dance as well, if you listen song, you may want to try singing as well, if you see painting, you can start drawing. But you can practice only one thing daily which define you.

  35. It is okay if things are not working well. You can quit but you need to understand you should quit things without giving a decided try. If a thing is worth trying as per you, you should keep trying it.

  36. Check when you feel guilt, don’t rude with peple unnecessarily. Most of the time you regret when you do not behave good with people and yourself.

  37. Try to build patience, do not complaint everytime, try to accept things, Stay calm, Take deep breath, do not react to problems, learn to respond to them.

    Practice Impromptu speaking this help you in learn how to respond to things because with Impromptu speaking you learn how to feel your words before using them.

  38. Try public speaking, it helps you many times in your life. No matter in which field you are, public speaking creates a big impact in your life. Start with talking on your selfie camera. Share your thoughts in video over message app with your friends.

  39. Try to build perspective on things like try to balance important things. For example you cannot try everything, you need to learn from other’s mistake but at the same time you also need to test things yourself. Beacuse it help you build your own perspective towards things. You need to balance these things yourself.

  40. If you are running a business or group of team, appreciate your team for their contribution. You may merge things like public speaking and topic like how to appreciate someone for good work. This is not multitasking because we are not switching between task. Switching between task disturb the flow.

  41. Listen people, don’t follow people. Evaluate what they say. If they say right things and even if they are the bad people, take right things and if they say right things and even if they are good people, do not just follow them, use your own filters of evaluating things and take what is right.

  42. Be positive, if bad thoughts come just write them. Fix a time to think on them so they do not disturb your flow while you are working on your things.

  43. Try to love the process not just the results. When we love the results we just dream of thing. And we love just the results so when we give endless time to achieve the results we don’t like that.

  44. It was never about how much you want, it is always about how much your are ready to give.

    What you think, impact the reality but What you practice, build you.

  45. What you think, impact the reality, What you practice, build you. Like if you think you are an idiot, you dont know how to talk with people. You will be introvert. But if you say i will practice 15 min speaking with different people daily, that is where you make the difference you will build yourself with your practice.

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