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What are the important life lessons?

What are the important life lessons? We always have some dreams, and sometimes we also have some plans for our life. But things do not go in the same way. Mind ask why it is happening with me. Your soul should guide your mind. Stay focussed so you will able to use your energy in the right direction.

I try to observe, think deep, practice activities and share something that I have learned in my life.

What are the important life lessons & life lesson quotes?

You have to define your Need, Want, Desire, Goal & Purpose as soon as possible.

Stay calm, evaluate the situation, focus on your goal.
First Plan for one thing that matters the most. Act on the plan.

Do not react to situations. Situations are like different human beings. Neither you can control all the factors of every situation, nor you can control everyone. Though you share feedback with others for their behaviour but you cannot compel them. No matter how much you avoid, you will face some issue, and at that time, you should focus on your goal, task, targets & action plan.

If you are unable to focus, try to wake up early in the morning for fully utilising your resources.

Work daily with consistency. Step by Step, you will create a better future which is more stable & scalable.

If you face any problem in life, then before speaking with anyone else, you need to talk to yourself because that makes us independent and help to build your perspective.

We need to recognise what makes us happy. We should make notes for what we have learned from our life. You may call that a life lesson diary. The time we write our practical experience. We register that in our brain. And the brain can develop better habits from that. And never forget to practice till 15 days so it will become your habit.

Suppose you have finalised your purpose. You planned to execute your daily tasks for it. But you will be surprised when you will find that things you liked in the first place are monotonous when you practice it daily. Then you must understand that it is normal. Guide your mind that you have decided to do this task every day. Even if my mind you say it is monotonous, guide it is the best monotonous task and for at least a month lets stick to it.

Try to thank the world, people around you and even situations which are against you.

No matter how much you ignore, you learn from things that are not according to you.

Empower those who are unaware of their true potential in life.

Every time in life there will be people above you, means people who can guide & inspire you. And every time in life there will be people below you means people who need your guidance. Learn from them who are above you. Thanks and guide those who are below you. In this way, you play an essential role in the ecosystem of happiness.

Check your habits. Control your habits. Do not allow your habits to control you.

Build perspective to find solutions and new possibilities, even in the most challenging time by remaining calm.

Be happy. Define 15 min activities that you love to do and want to do daily. And you must check what you like is not a bad thing. Because soon, that will become your habit. And habits will become addictions.

Guide your mind to discuss things with your soul, but you should choose the right decision with your mind.

No matter how much you focus, notifications from the outer world will try to bring your attention to them. You should choose to check only the notifications which you decided you should.

Notification is a metaphor. You can define what bothers you.

Anything which your mind asked, which your soul has not answered yet, is stopping you from achieving what you can achieve with your true potential.