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What do I lack in life?

What do I lack in life,

What matters is neglected,

Maybe you think to have a purpose in life,

But have not devoted time,

Maybe you have found your purpose,

But not fixed any goal,

Maybe you fixed a goal,

But forget to align with the purpose,

Maybe you selected the right goal,

But forget to execute from a long time,

Maybe you started,

But forget to continue doing it,

Maybe you continued,

But continued for a long time without any direction,

Maybe you tried to plan the direction,

But you are confused, so ignored for a while,

Maybe you think again on the confusion,

But you forget to work on it,

Maybe you were working hard,

But you are not kind to yourself,

Maybe you understand the value of gratitude,

But you are addicted for appreciation & validation from others,

Maybe you started accepting results of your action,

But you started to criticise people,

Maybe you have a lot now,

But you are unable to give to others,

Maybe you understand now. You always had everything that you need,

But you are not happy and thinking about what do I lack in life?

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