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What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?

If one takes care of themselves or people around, one may be conscious of themselves or humanity,

A soul that is in the state of numbness is often regarded as non-human animal consciousness by science,

But what you don’t see is there, when you are not aware of that,

It will be there it does not matter you are capable of seeing or not,

If happened something earlier remains as the memories in mind,

What about the false reality mind creates in dreams,

And about the memories that mind create for future events,

None of the above is true for the consciousness in you,

If memories, you can make for your mind,

then one can replace their own memories and create a new reality,

If memories are what matters the most for consciousness,

Will it be ok to say a jellyfish without a brain have consciousness,

As they still have memories and they have neurons,

Then may not, anything that carries DNA, can have consciousness,

Now, what about the properties that things have,

Characteristics that they are behaving in a particular way,

If doing something is how one judge consciousness,

Then what about your consciousness still their when you are unconscious,

When you are in deep sleep but don’t dream of anything, you are just like an animal without a brain for a species,

Now think of the characters in your dreams,

It also looks like all have their own consciousness,

You may sometimes able to do some impact and realisation in your dreams,

But all the characters are your consciousness,

This one may think, and it may be true,

Then what about the person who is in a state of coma,

Where one is unresponsive to their environment,

What if one has characters in that state of mind,

Now all these characters live a long life as the person not wake up for a long time,

Now characters inside that person’s artificial reality, for themselves they are alive,

Now they can do possible things, that you may think, they should have for having consciousness,

Now What about the non-living things, even the plastic in your dreams,

As they are built with your consciousness,

It means that plastic is also part of consciousness,

So we may a type of prototype consciousness,

Now, what about the person who is running the beta version of it,

If everything came out from the big bang,

Then there is no question of you and me,

One consciousness is ruling us all in the deep state of the infinite tree.

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