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What is life?

What is life?

Or should I ask “what is my purpose of life”,

Is life a gift,

Or it is more than about my existence that matters,

Is life a collection of seconds, minutes, days and years,

Or it is what I do with this time that defines life,

Is life a journey that starts from birth and death is an end of life,

Or it does not. What always lives is your vision,

Is life a mystery,

Or it is on me how I define, how I will live it,

Is life too short that I cannot do what I want to do,

Or it is on me, how I prioritise things,

Is life a struggle for everyone,

Or it an opportunity to help others and live in peace,

Is life about money,

Or it is to do something worth doing & money is to some extent a validation,

Is life about survival,

Or It is about enjoying what you have & staying active for what you want to have,

Is life a race,

Or It is about finding your purpose & competition is there to help you evolve,

Is life is about what you want to be,

Or it is the result of choices you make

Is life a puzzle that you can never solve,

Or it about giving clarity so life will be simple,

Is life about Identifying & solving problems,

Or it about to be grateful for someone who helped you solve problems,

Is life about following what is said by others,

Or it is about staying open for a new perspective,

Is it about finding how people defined life,

Or it is about finding, what is my purpose of life,

Is life a balance of everything that I said above,

Or it is to stay happy and accept how it is.

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