Meaning of Life Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life?
We keep finding what we want in our life.
We also set goals for achieving something.
And sometimes we reach there.
But we unable to find what is our purpose in life.

We also set our values and achieve our goals ethically.
But you always have some dilemmas in your life like what I am doing? Is it correct? The reason for these dilemmas is that you want to find a higher purpose in life.

What is the purpose of life?

You want to find is a message which is inside you.
Consciously or unconsciously, you ignore that.

Look deep into yourself. There are two essential purposes in your life. And these apply to all of us. First is to be happy, and another is to utilize your resources at their optimum level. Let me build the base for you.

First take care of yourself emotionally?
We should not criticize ourselves and others.
If you evaluated your past action, share opinions with yourself.
But don’t hurt yourself with harsh words.
Be gentle with yourself.
You need to understand you are consist of mind, body and your soul. And Balance all of them. Respect and thanks to your body parts for helping you achieve whatever you achieved so far and empower yourself to succeed further.

Now, write what your needs are and what are your wants. Define both. Things you wish for are not your need. Your needs, you can satisfy, but you cannot meet all of your wants as they keep changing.

Once you see fulfilment in your life, you will feel happiness. Now you need to define how you want to attain happiness, that is your purpose. And keep trying to achieve that with the resources you have.

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