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What matters most in life

Small things matters most in life. You may be thinking while discussing things that really matter in life, i will be sharing something new. But that may be not the case. But one thing is true i guide you to see the chain reaction. Small things will have a big impact. And important things are hidden inside inside the quotes that your speaking to yourself that you ignore many times. For everyone life is different, For me it is to observe things and sharing perspective on it. For someone financial stablity matters the most and things keep evolving. And i would say yes thats is important but being said that Happiness is the most important thing that matters for everyone at last. Now the thing is you are working on financial stablity. And many people have spend their life on it. And in thers 70s, they see they did a mistake they should have enjoyed the process as well. So crux is to be happy. Now i will break that in small parts.

  1. if you are poor and you cannot plan your 2 days due to lack of money, then Financial Stablity matters the most. No matter how much i say peace in your heart matters but financial stablity matters of some level that satisfy your family needs. Reason is simple you can try to follow buddha, but you cannot see the pain of your family members who spend their life to give you a better future in this universe. I am not here to motivate you, i am here to share things from my practical experience. So money matters at some level, how much financial stablity you want, this depends on your needs not your wants. So you must be clear about yoru needs and your wants.

  2. Your level of education matters in life. But i am not talking about education that can gain from college or university. I am talking about whatever you are doing in your life, you must know how to find are you wrong. I have seen educated people fighting on silly things and doing bad activities not only in 1 year or 2 years. There are many educated people spend life doing wrong activities in their life. So what i realised that you must be educated enough that you able to realise that you are doing something wrong and second once you realised without spending more time you need finalised okay i will correct it. I am not saying to correct things right away. But i am saying you decide to improvise and now you should be educated enough to find the solution, implement it and evaluate the results.

  3. Talk to yourself, evolve yourself, recognise yourself, recognise your perspective, test your perspective, understand others perspective, respect other perspective, discuss things with you love ones. These things help you resolve relationship problems because no matter how much i say to be happy. Your existence is build around your relationship with people. A dog alone somewhere cannot be happy, he cannot play with balls everytime. Even a dog is getting food he want a living being to connect and we could try to fill the gap but sometimes a dog want to meet just another dog. For him materials can help him playing for a while and he may enjoy but time teach even a dog that he really need someone to spend time with.

  4. Have experience, Create your values, Improvise your values, Feel complete And open yourself to have more with a feeling of having enough already. Definition of success is different for everyones. You need to define your values and what you ready to give for that. I am not talking about what i say or other say i am saying things that you believe are important are important, but just make sure you question what you believe is correct. When you achieve these things which you think you are important you will feel i have enough now. And now i can have more knowingly i have what i ever needed. For someone to live with their family members matters the most. So let say people say you could have this position if you would have did that in your life. Then you need not to worry about this first rather you need to be happy first that i have what i ever want and about position i am working, i am improvising with peace and you will reach there. And even you don’t, you are happy in the process.

  5. You matters, how much you ignore and you may thing i will be selfish i would thing that but if you are asking why do i matter then it is good you are on the right track. Because you have impact on everything. I am not saying you are to change the universe, but i am saying define your universe, see assume you live in small city and you never went outside that city then you may define your impact with limited environment but what i am saying no matter how you find your purpose in life, you need to evaluate it, you need to try things, you need to accept the failure. One important things it takes time. So no matter how small or big impact you can have, but make sure whatever purpose you find out for a while, you should try cause without trying you are already dying.

Be happy in the process and take small steps towards your purpose, it may not be correct, remember you can always turn,
At the end it does not matter how much you earn, what matters – how you earn.

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