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Feeling Suffocated in life? What should I do?

We all ask ourselves. What to do when you feel suffocated in your life? Let me guide with an example. We need a window in room for fresh air, So we make it in our room.

What will happen, if you don’t make a window in your room, but we have beautiful walls, TV, elegant furniture etc. Still, you will suffocate.

You need to understand you are the architect as well. Don’t just focus too much on the interior of your room.

What to do when you feel suffocated in your life?

For reaching the solution, see inside you. Yes, see the room where you live. You need a window there as well. The time you suffocate in your life, self-check. Is it the bad memories that are making you feel sad, or is it the unplanned day?

But sometimes we feel lack of interest. In that case, you need to find out what you like to do. What are you good at? Make an action plan with small steps for practising and improving in that skills. Do not just hold dreams in your bucket list. You should have a better action plan which is divided into the smallest moves. Steps that you can take. Once you pursue them, you will feel happy. And slowly, you will live life once you have a purpose in life.

It may be possible that you are rich. Or materialistic things are not giving you any enjoyment. It is good to realize that things do not make us happy. We associate a feeling of happiness with something like if I have that iPhone, I will feel satisfied. Like this, you give a message to your mind. So you feel happy for a while when you get that. But later you feel empty inside.

For reaching to the truth, you should write what you don’t like. Just write what is bothering you. There are more chances you are devoting more time on wrong things which are creating disbalance in your soul, mind & body.

Meditate 30 Minute a day. As the problem grew up in the past, the solution will grow. Give time to yourself. Don’t look for quick results.

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