Deep Meaningful Poems Improve Life

Why do we have problems in life?

Either you ignore too many doubts,

Or you listen to questions of mind but never tried to answer,

Either ask once why do we have problems in life,

Or you finalise to resolve your problems one by one,

Either you solve the problem,

Or you find the pattern & solve the source of the problem,

Either you feed your ego for solving too many problems,

Or you be grateful to people who helped you in the journey,

Either you solve your problem & keep busy in your work,

Or you make a way out to share solutions to everyone,

Either you harm yourself & others with impatient behaviour,

Or you solve your problems with patience,

Either you find difficulties in every solution,

Or you priorities solutions and try one by one,

Either you spend your whole life in never-ending problems,

Or you understand how to balance your life with never-ending questions,

Either you repeat your problem all the time,

Or you define problems for better clarity,

Either you have dreams of the day without difficulty,

Or you plan enough to live a better day,

Either you build a long list of problems with others opinion,

Or you create a filter for listening irrelevant views,

Either you ignore problems of the world,

Or you understand we all need to solve. Let’s contribute,

Either you react by getting angry when others create problems,

Or you take a breath & respond with a problem-solving mindset,

Either you understand the problem are there so you can overcome,

Or you learn to focus on your & and adjust with issues for a while,

Either you want to avoid your problem for temporary relief,

Or you understand you need to face your problems yourself,

Either you feel too much,

Or you don’t feel when you should,

Either you try to meditate sometimes,

Or you don’t understand how to accept meditation as a lifestyle

Either you fear from trying anything new in life,

Or you try several things but never focused on one thing for a long time,

Either you think too many negative things in life,

Or you try to rejuvenate yourself with positive affirmations,

Either you think more and do less,

Or you do more without thinking,

Either you spend your whole life in counting problems,

Or you live your life,

Either you report only a problem as a complaint,

Or you believe in feedback with the suggestion,

Either you think your problems are the biggest problem,

Or you understand everyone has some, let solve it or focus on your goal,

Either you feel emptiness and say life will always have problems,

Or you live life with the feeling of inner fulfilment,

Either you can live your life in sorrow for the problems you have

Or you must be happy with what you are doing & keep improving,

Either you will be unhappy & say why only I have all the problems,

Or you build small habits & feel happy about the improvements.

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