Youtube Traning online

Time period: 4 Hours.

Traning Type: Online.
Price: 5000 Rs.



Advanced Youtube Traning online

Time period: 20 Hours.

Traning Type: online.
Price: 15000 Rs.



Youtube Training Offline

Time period: 4 Hours.

Training Type: OFFLINE.
Price: 8000 Rs.



Advanced Youtube Training Offline

Time period: 20 Hours.

Training Type: OFFLINE.
Price: 20,000 Rs.


For more details about the YouTube Training course, please connect at:

+91 7206308830

You will get Free Youtube Toolkit worth Rs. 40000 and backup support.
Order Now – You are getting it in Discounted Price.

Training will focus everything on Youtube Channel, Video Editing software, Audio Editing Software, Voiceover, Revenue Method. We are giving youtube toolkit with video software, audio software, voice over training, intro, outro, competitive trend analysis and backup support for 1 month

What will you able to do after this Youtube Training?

Ability to Influence market Active Earning

Ability to Start your own business Active Earning

Ability to Increase your fame Social Status

Ability to market your skills Active Income

Ability to Start unique things like Unique Dance form

Youtube Adsense Passive Income

Ability to reach television Bollywood / Singer

Note: You need to work, We will guide you.

Why you should take Training

Because it is future

– Youtube will become TV

– Requirement of Media Marketing Expert is increasing

– Website will become Video Website

– Email will become Video Email

– Demand of Youtuber or I say Market Influencer is increasing

Whatsapp 7206308830 for any query


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Rs. 10 per hour, Use nearest metro parking.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Whatsapp: 7206308830, mail: [email protected]

Nearest Metro Station?

1031, Westend Mall, District Centre, Janakpuri West metro, New Delhi – 110058, India