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Youtube Training in Delhi Offer

1 month Online Youtube Channel Management & Support that is a practical support work for you as youtube training

For more details about the online Youtube Training and Support please connect at:

+91 7206308830 or

It will focus everything on Youtube Channel, Video Editing Software, Audio Editing Software, Voiceover, Revenue Method. We are giving a youtube toolkit with video software, audio software, voice over training, intro, outro, competitive trend analysis and backup support for 1 month.

There is a great point that you must note that we are not limiting your questions. Assume will working on youtube you may ask some question about Facebook page management. Like you may not even aware that the content you created for youtube can be utilised with several other platforms for more traffic. So this is a value-added package.

What will you able to do after this one month of support

  • You will able to understand how you can Influence the market that will be Active Earning

  • How to use youtube to Start your own business for Active Earning

  • How to Increase your fame aka Social Status

  • if you are a singer then How to market your skills Active Income

  • Ability to Start unique things like Unique Dance form or a new trend

  • If you just want Passive Income then we will help you out with your Youtube Adsense

    Note: You need to work, We will guide you.

 Why you should take this practical support

  • YouTube will become a TV experience

  • Requirement for Media Marketing Expert is increasing

  • Website will become Video Website

  • Emails will become Video Emails

  • The demand of YouTuber or I say Market Influencer is increasing


What is covered in youtube practical training & Support in general?

It is personalised practical training. So We will discuss first what kind of youtube channel you want to make. Though in general, it includes

  • Video Editing & Enhance Audio & Visuals

  • Youtube Dashboard

  • Thumbnails Creation

  • Discussion on Name for Youtube Channel

  • Difference between User Youtube Account and Brand Youtube Account

  • Channel art, Channel banner, Channel intro, Channel outro

  • YouTube Video Requirements, Copyright & Licensing

  • Youtube Search Engine – How it works

  • What Trends and Why

  • Source of Views | Planning

  • Reading Youtube Analytics & Marketing of Content

  • How To Increase Audience Retention on YouTube

  • Youtube Video Seo

Where I should contact for any questions regarding this Youtube support?
Whatsapp or Call: 7206308830, mail:

Do you just teach or it’s practical support? Is it offline or online?
We do not teach rather we provide one to one practical training & support through the online session as per requirements. So you will practice while learning and you will have the output as well.

How many days does it take to complete?
It depends on what you choose, the management services are a monthly ongoing process while the complete online training support usually one time 20 Hours. In general, you can complete it in a month based on an hour daily session. Though we understand everyone to have their own pace of learning. And we give freedom to choose the gap.

Where I can visit if I need direct support from youtube and the google team?
You can go to the Youtube Help desk provided by google.